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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is about this overlord Laharl trying to fufill his mission as Overlord because his father King Krichevskoy, died.  It is said the King Died because of choking on a black pretzel but that isn't true, you'll find out the truth in Etna's diary.  Etna is one of Laharl's humble vassals, and throughout the game you'll be able to create your own characters.  Well anyway, as the the new Overlord Laharl faces many problems such as an angel trainee being sent down from Celestia to assasinate Laharl.  But as an angel, Flonne, couldn't pull it off.  Now the three main characters meet up with other characters through their adventure, more and more happens throughout the story I can't write it all down, you'll just have to find out yourself.  In this game there are MULTIPLE endings.

Demons can love as well as angels...